Proposal sent to the job interview this position Digital Marketing Manager

How did the past last year 2015 come to work in this organization?

We work as a freelance. The opportunity to send homework a job for the interview.

If you come to the responsibility of Online Marketing. What is the strategy to apply online business in mobile?

Interview time Interviewer asked what can be done?

I can available to job responsibility.

  • Making a font-end Website with HTML 5 / css3 / Jquery / MySQL / PHP / SQL.
  • Google Display Network / GDN / SEM / A / B Test Benchmarks.
  • SEO (Search Engines Marketing) used to make Thai Rent a car ranked 1 of Google.
  • Emails Marketing with Landing Page / Emails sent to work here.
  • Send Emails with Mailchimp
  • Content Blogger
  • Make a Mobile Font with Android Developer.
  • Make Facebook Page Monitor / Maintain
  • Find Partner / Influencer / Others

We got the job that week.