A difficult proposition New products on the market in Thailand. Prior to this responsibility. Monthly sales only 100 – 1000. Just an agency management but one the management did not renew.

How to communicate with the customer through digital Online Marketing (5W1H)

What = We have to Communication with the customer?
Where = We have products we sell / after sale What else?
When = We have scope or Communication, when?
Why = Why do we need to buy a product? How do we answer or talk to our customers?
Who = Who are we? What do you do?
How do we do it? Communication?

How do bosses want to output project from us in hiring in Online Marketing? Briefly summarized as follows.

1. The key message to target group

Content Marketing Key message Everything is done for output in the Social Network and then measured.

2. Negative feedback or not understand actions What is the way to manage (Back office of all social network) to answer the question.

I think I started thinking about it.

A. What to do? How many people have watched or read?

B. What to do? To communicate Easy to understand because Android is difficult if people never catch it.

C. What to do? With the advertising media reach the target quickly (Google Adwords / Facebook Ads)

D. How do I coordinate with the Agency? Follow the work beyond what we assume. Very boring job

The first solution. I grabbed all the products of the company and then try to use everything and do the blog in the domain itself.

My experience Digital Online Marketing

My experience Digital Online Marketing

As a result of writing How-To in the blog itself, who will tell the face must be done. The complexity of answering the question down to a lot of Negative Feedback is slow to understand, it has reduced the time to a lot.

After making the content to respond to the market and then continue to manage the data management is Community 2 Ways to enter the After Service (also known as Admin Page)

I divided the Category into 5 major categories.

A. Where To Buy = Customers Want To Buy Where to buy

B. Hardware Software Information = Ask Hardware Description

C. Service Center = Prices of repair Accessory

D. Software bug = Description app / Android Version

E. Reseller = is a store or distributor. To receive goods to resell.

Group A – E. I will keep Record every record and collect it each month (> 10000 messages in 365 days).

The results are very satisfactory for starting the data collection in 1 year, we answered 10,000 questions to customers. (In each product can check that the customer satisfied / problem of each machine / sending to the problem center. What are the different versions of the machine? It may be the basics of writing Microsoft Access. + Using Microsoft SQL or SQL language, we understand that it is stored. How to interpret it?

Remember each product/price?

Decide to use Android Studio to write a product and price each version in the mobile app to test the machine and remember the price. Each version of the product at the same time. The result is a product and price all versions. I think the only difference in the office (the first blurred product).

Report in Powerpoint, but we do not like it at all. Write PHP Made in Online

And to work as Admin Page, Create Ads or Contents, it must measure everything? So I decided to write Back -Office / Front-end to make it easy to present, but I did not use it here. But it’s convenient for us to see.


Good luck with the PHP code. I use the @ variable of each post to add, subtract, multiply, divide into each post it creates Impact or Communication. Really have a formula to score as 5 -4 – 3 -2 -1, which will be good in the post, and then Score to see what the target HAPPY him with the content. I have a question that each month Post, then how many people? The answer to the same page that read the product Read / Share how many products per year How much to Post?

SEO/Google Adwords / Keyword

Performance in the second year, the third year will focus on the use of data to analyze the segmentation, including the use of GDN / Google Search Keyword Marketing / will be written again.