The year 2017 – Present Increase concentration after work in the first 1-2 years. Click See to the previous blog.

How to create content Relate Products.

How long to smartphone sell on market? The smartphone will last about 3 – 4 months.

We have strategy content planning to target group.

  1. Strategy Content.
  2. Strategy After Sales Service.
  3. Advertising by Google Adwords Strategy (Google Ads Network / Keyword Ads).
  4. Strategy Monitor Competitor.

objective key result Of a performance in the year 2017 

  • promote the brand smartphone and content of the product to a target group.
  • develop a database insight new customer and old customer.
  • manage the designated problem type of customer channel social network.
  • To improve skills and techniques in customer approach in promoting the products and services of the company
  • increases channel distributor channel social network.

7 Day  10 Posts on Facebook. 

Content Calendar

Content Scoring

  • Each day, there is a lot of reach/ share/engagement.
  • What kind of Content is most valuable to customers?
  • Weekly / weekly content evaluation to evaluate or analyze content in the next.

Content Customer Support

Report Online Content of Month


How do we measure the content we post?

Measured by Fanpage * Organic Reach 1% We give Grade C // 5% We give B and over 10% We will give A?
For Share Contents and Engagement, customers like to share what they are analyzing.


INBOX / Comment Page Traffic in 1 year with Stats.

Strategy Monitor Competitor.

At present, Wiko Smartphone reaches consumers and hires top-notch sales force 5% market-share.