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Social Analytics: Begining 101 EP1 Knowledge source of data

Chapter 1: Knowledge of the source of information

Tell a point of view from experience 1-2 years ago about social listening for business success. I would like to write content. How-to analytics social data? for beginning, Marketing, or interest user.

Topic of Sharing in mind 5 Topics

  1. Topic 1 : Source of Data
  2. Topic 2: Customer behavior
  3. Topic 3: Customer Outside in
  4. Topic 4: Customer inside out
  5. Topic 5: Apply insight for marketing service , strategy marketing.

To find out the behavior of people who are talking online. That should first understand the main things that should be there must have something.

  • Data Source
  • Social Listening Tool
  • Keywords

Topic 1. Understand the source of the information data source.

Source of Social Data: Raw data 2 types of data

  1. Data Structured Structured data such as sales, employee lists, product lists, etc. are mostly stored in the form of Database. There are many programs such as SAP, Oracle, and applications may be exported for analysis, such as Excel. etc.

2. Unstructured Data

Unstructured data such as text, images, sounds, code, sensors are found in the social network on a daily basis. If a large amount of data comes together, it is called Big Data. Well, let’s see in 1 minute. How many talks are there online?

When we understand that the source to be analyzed Ours will come in the form of Unstructured Data or large amounts of data in the online world. What we’ll need to look for is a tool that helps collect the resulting data. Based on what we want to know, called Keyword, Hashtag as a precursor to pulling information into the system by dividing the source clearly from which channel?

Topic 2. Learning Social Listening Tool

The social listening tool is the platform for collecting information about the conversation that takes place on social networks and website communities for analysis of marketing research.

Example: service of social data

Service another.

Social media monitoring and analytics
AwarioTwitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Reddit, news, blogs, forums, the web.$29-299/mo7 days
BrandMentionsFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Linked In, Reddit, Pinterest, the web.$99-499/mo7 days
KeyholeTwitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube.$49-199+/mo7 days
BuzzSumoFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Amazon, Quora, and Reddit.$99-499+/mo30 days
TalkwalkerFacebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, news, blogs, and forums.$9,000/year 
MediatoolkitFacebook, Twitter, YouTube, websites, forums, blogs, and comments.$117-1100+/mo7 days
Brand24Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs, forums, news, video platforms, and the web.$49-199+/mo14 days
YouScanTwitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, blogs, forums, the web.$12 000+/year
Social media monitoring and publishing
MentionTwitter, Facebook, Instagram, blogs, forums, and the web.$29-450+/mo14 days
Sprout SocialFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest.$99-249/mo30 days
AgorapulseFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn.$99-199+/mo30 days
MentionlyticsYouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, news sites, the web.$99-299+/mo14 days

Price of service base on another platform.

Topic 3. Output for Social Listening (Social Data)

  1. Total Volume Keywords.

It will tell you an overview of the Keyword, mostly Dashboard, usually on the first page. Show information in the online world that brings information into that system. divided into how many channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Website / Blog, or Forum, which can be seen as Visualization Further, such as

A. Time Frame Data: Day, Month, Year

B. Mention / Engagement

Mention is The number of Posts or Comments that have the keyword we want in it and are captured in the system will be counted as 1 message.

Engagement is The number of Posts or Comments that express Like / Love / Shae / Emo😊jicon and

A comment is a total summary.

2. Total KeywordShare Of voice 

Share of Voice
Share of Voice

It is useful to tell the proportion of the keywords that we are interested in in the online world that is discussed. The system has brought in data, each keyword has a Shared voice divided into % proportion to measure or compare.

3. Word Cloud และ Hashtag

wordcloud & hashtag cloud
wordcloud & hashtag cloud

Word Cloud & #hashtag is many words that are mentioned and then cut to a minimum for understanding for this meaning.

4. Top post by channel  Let’s look at which keyword we search for, which channel or page that has posted content about that keyword and received the most Share / Like / Love.

5. Sentiments


There are three types of feelings: positive or positive they are (Positive), neutral feelings are (Neutral) and negative feelings are (Negative).

6. Users Comment It is a comment on the Post or the owner of the Page, which User comment will have members to press Engagement. There may be a Top User Comment.

Summary Social listening 101

  1. Data Source : that there is information from which sources and what information we analyze in Social Listening is used
  2. Social Listening Tool
  3. Keyword

Thank you for your interest in the social data blog Please follow the next episode.

Anantchai ittiworapong

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