Before you start using the Social Listening Tool to analyze the Customer Insights tool, what will be needed later after we learned in the first chapter, where do we get the information? is completed

Ep2 : What do you want from data we get ?


The correct question will lead to the desired answer. We need to understand how to ask questions.

Example: What do you get from the data set?

What: what name is the brand? What kind of products, that are interesting? Being the most talked about in the online world right now.

Who : บุคคลใด , Influencer , KOL Page ไหน ที่ได้จุดกระแส Content หรือ ทำข่าวทำ เนื้อหาให้คนติดตาม หรือ ให้คนในสังคมได้ไปหาข้อมูลต่อ

Where: Any person, Influencer, KOL Page that has a trend of content or news-making content for people to follow or for people in society to continue to find information.

Top Comment: How do most people feel involved with a popular comment? Is there drama, or need some improvements?

Example 1 business If we are the largest oil or energy business such as PTT, what is the time to ask questions from Social Listening, which is expected to have a good answer and lead to further development?

Concept 1st (Customer Outside In) looks at the customers who have used the service and brings the information they have discussed online to Insight. For example:

ทำไมลูกค้าต้องมาเติมน้ำมันที่ PTT แทนที่จะไปเติมปั้มอื่น

Why do customers have to refuel at PTT instead of going to other gas stations?
Why do most customers come to the PTT gas station, refuel, or buy coffee, or go to the bathroom?
How do most customers feel online? When it comes to PTT, what are their complaints?
What do customers want to improve online?
What campaigns have been made by PTT that people are talking about or commenting on?

After that, go to put keywords that people think most people are talking about, such as PTT, gas station, Amazon coffee, PTT toilet, etc.

Concept Two (Customer Insight Out) is analyzed from an overview of our existing services. How are you? Comments? Recommended by people using the service or not, and what are their competitors doing? If we know what most people think about competitors’ products. We can continue to improve our products in the future.

Share of Voice: The proportion in the online world in the past, if compared to competitors such as PTT, Bangchak, Shell, what is the proportion of talking in the online world?

Card privilege that helps in collecting customer data that uses the service In the online world, how do they like or give advice, what should be improved and how are they different from competitors like shell card, or PT Max Card?

Our products or services have feedback, recommendations from users from Social Listening, which channels have received engagement, which leads us to try and improve.

Influencer or Page that has influence in which we will choose to help Promote or push to make our product brand known and who is the right content?

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