“The boss said”  Please help you make a website luxury about dealer Mercedes Benz.

“We said” Who to do that create the website?

“The boss said”  You.


How to work the website luxury? 

How to work create the  website luxury ?

How to work create the website luxury ?

It’s time to do the job we contact to global request a document guideline website and think how to create for this Website.

  1. Request code to make a website form Global.
  2. Copy the Global Website.
  3. Create the New Website.

After a request to Global, the feedback they have not to the coding website to the dealer. The answer came in # 2.

Site Map for Website

Site Map Star Flag Benz

Site Map Star Flag Benz

This project works together with 3 people.

  1. Project Manager and  Content (EN/TH) by Me
  2. Graphic Designer
  3. Programmer Coding by HTML/CSS/Javascript/PHP /MySQL database


Time Fram Project Worked just 3 months to get it.

Remark :

Owner of the same company Thai Rent A Car 1978 Co., Ltd. We have resigned in Oct 2015.