The Year 2017 – Present Performance Data Analytics Marketing Online

The year 2017 – Present Increase concentration after work in the first 1-2 years. Click See to the previous blog. How to create content Relate Products. How long to…

My experience Digital Online Marketing

My experience 1 year ago (2016-2017) Online Marketing Brand Smartphone

A difficult proposition New products on the market in Thailand. Prior to this responsibility. Monthly sales only 100 – 1000. Just an agency management but one the management did not…

My Home Work for Job Interview

My homework send for job interview.

Proposal sent to the job interview this position Digital Marketing Manager Home Work Marketing Strategy Mobile Brand Marketing from Anantachai Ittiworapong How did the past last year 2015…

Design and development Surveillance Thailand

2rd Website Development Surveillance Thailand.

After delivering the first website There is another request to make. The Website this about Surveillance this product Camara / Smart Switch.etc. Slide Idea for this Project  Surveillance…

how to create webstie qoolcon?

New Jobs in 2016 design and development website

 Start Strategy Qoolcon website from Anantachai Ittiworapong After leaving the company end of the Year 2015 and Started for a new job at sis distribution public co.,…

Tell us my experiences get ranked SEO NO.1. in 6 months

Past experience 2012-2015 Experience dating back to 2012 – 2015 I’ve joined us at the company  Thai Rent a car 1978 Co., Ltd. with position digital marketing online…

Website Development

My experience to project make a website luxury.

“The boss said”  Please help you make a website luxury about dealer Mercedes Benz. “We said” Who to do that create the website? “The boss said”  You. *****************************************************************************************************…

My Portfilio Thai

My Portfolio Thai language

My Portfolio Thai language click here

My Profiles Anantachai

My Profile Anantachai ittiworapong

My Profile Anantachai ittiworapong Click Here