7 reasons why social listening Tool decided to switch to ZOCIAL EYE.

7 reasons why social listening Tool decided to switch to ZOCIAL EYE.

Social Listening Tool plays a huge role in helping find insights from social data, whether it’s looking at Brand Monitor, Competitor Analysis, or even Customer Insight from various perspectives, which includes both developers in Thailand and foreign companies. country And why would you like to try using it and/or if you are already using it, switch to using Zocial eye? Here are 7 reasons that I would like to summarize to make the decision easier.

1.No Burn Credit (can be deleted and redone) Refund credit all the time it is used.

NO-BURN CREDIT (return credit purchased) in the package that we use will be limited (Limit) by the number of messages (Mention) in actual work with Social data, the flow of information from incorrect and/or unseen keywords. A good enough answer The credit has already been deducted after the data was retrieved. If we delete and create a new one, the credit will always be returned. which is an advantage for us Get new information at any time.

2. Don’t Login with User authentication, no need to use our User ID.

User authentication (User ID) such as Facebook Account in By Pass so that the system knows that data extraction from Social Data is done with Facebook ID. We (in the case of privacy) do not want it to interfere with our work. You can skip this step. You can enter keywords and pull data without having to provide a Facebook Account ID, including every channel. Very good

3. Data Update all the time, including being able to edit settings at any time. (Data flows constantly, very stable)

Editing information is 1 in the process of doing Social Listening, adding, deleting information. All other settings are made at any time during the campaign Dashboard is created until the end of the campaign. It is the only system that works very reliably. We can monitor and follow up throughout the entire period in advance. After defining used keywords, the system will have Auto Refresh to collect new information all the time. Allows you to use the Dashboard until the campaign has ended.

4. Comparision Views Find a deeper perspective in a short time.

Comparision Views (you may have to pay a little more) but you can see the overall picture in comparing dimensions of words, services, products, etc. in a short time and get answers that can be used for business. It’s what the heart of the business wants. You can set up and learn in no time.

Examples in real use from the Keyword campaign “สิ่งศักดิ์สิทธิ์” To see that between the months of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha What is discussed and compared on a daily basis? You can organize groups and show comparison results on each channel immediately.

5. Catagory Automation classification Can drill down into many sub categories.

It is very important to use Actions (Automations) and let the system select data into Category | Sub Category for us to affect viewing data in various perspectives. It takes no time to find answers to further marketing. It can be used in every package.

6. Should be used in conjunction with Zocial Trend. There is a competitor tracking system available for free.

Track what competitors are posting today with the Monitor View tool included in Trend Wisesight. Many people don’t know that it’s free to use.. You can read the settings from Link

7. Price: Just 100 baht per day to start.

The starting price of use is 100 baht per day. You can view information from various channels, up to 20,000 Mentions, and view data from the past up to 3 months. It is considered the most worthwhile package among all Social Listening available

Want to try Zocial Eye? There’s a 7-day free trial available.

You can come to this link. There is free teaching.

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