Uses Case : What data insight from drama “Phromlikhit” has been back for 2 days ? via Zocial Eye Social listening

Uses Case : What data insight from drama “Phromlikhit” has been back for 2 days ? via Zocial Eye Social listening

Fans’ wait for the Channel 3 drama retracing history, Buppesannivas. The famous past has been rerun on TV for almost 5 times until it was continued in Part 2, Destiny, with the same hero and heroine couple, Pope and Bella, not disappointing the fans who have been following for the past 2 days, 18 – 19 Oct. So let’s take a look at Data Insight & Zocial Eye of online society to see what interesting Data Insights there are?

The response from fans, uncles, aunts and admirers of celebrity couples has been overwhelming.

Launched with Facebook Watch from Ch3channel with an Official Teaser on October 4th, with up to 1.5 million views and more than 1 thousand comments from fans.

Link :

Rating 6.4 nationwide, measured from online viewing of popular platforms such as True ID and Ch3.

Follow live and reruns from the platform with applications such as True ID and Channel 3. The combined total is more than 600,000 in 1 day, making the nationwide rating up to 6.4, considered to be ahead of dramas on many channels.

Google Trends, retrospective tracking of the drama Phromlikhit
Google Trends for the past 7 days after the drama aired.

Google Trends for the past 1 day, searches for the word “watch reruns of Destiny EP2” were more than 4,000 percent.

The behavior of watching reruns of dramas, re-watching, is starting to increase. Calling guests at restaurants It’s very popular now. Including the vendors at the flea markets (I often walk around), they will also be open and selling things, and many people will like and follow them. To follow and look back (Advertising income is coming in again)

We will delve into Data Insight to see what stories there are, after the drama airs. in each Social Data channel

For this information, we use the Social Listening Tool Zocial Eye, which is supported by Wisesight, the number 1 developer in Thailand (you can try it free for 7 days) Link

Various data insights in each channel, briefly summarized as follows:

1. Retracing history (Read more) is Content of the King, which must be given to the ancient Facebook Page from a long time ago.

The highest Top Share on the Facebook platform, up to 8,900 Shares, tells a story in history. Expanding on the drama to explain what the historical events were like. In an episodic story What caused Phra Pi’s death? Make a lot of people interested in following more.

2. The quality of the drama, both historical and present-day, is very good. There are many views online.

The summary from the Facebook page is more uplifting. with more than 1.1 million followers, summarized with both images, sound, and fun storytelling. Fans of the page read it and came to comment and agree, including saying they liked it. All fun in the same way.

Link :

3. Top IG Gotjirayu almost broke. Star Post came in during the airing of the drama, making the fans even more delighted.

Up to 39K people took part in the post on IG.

4. Every episode, which period of the drama is important, the video receives a response on Youtube, with each clip reaching hundreds of thousands of views. I think it will reach a million views soon.

On Channel 3’s YouTube channel, they’ve done their homework very well. Every episode of an important drama, YouTube views for each episode exceed hundreds of thousands. Until I thought I might get there. A million views soon

Examples of Top YouTube with the most subscribers

Whoever wants to follow YouTube Channel 3, follow along at

5.Audience reaches all genders and ages. Female lead characters attract fans to follow.

Top 10 hashtags Messages (%)

Destiny 3,033 (29.64%)
lovedestiny2 1,405 (13.73%)
Bella Ranee 921 (9.00%)
Watch TV, press 33 880 (8.60%)
Look at your mobile phone and press 3plus 865 (8.45%)
bellacampen 796 (7.78%)
Buppesannivas 708 (6.92%)
Pope Bella 655 (6.40%)
Destinyep1 539 (5.27%)
popezaap 431 (4.21%)

Fan clubs of male and female actors, especially female actor Bella Ranee, have messages that mention up to 9-10% of all messages.

Summary from the overall story of destiny During the broadcast 2 days ago, fans The response was overwhelming, until the national rating reached 6.4, higher than many programs on many channels.

We will wait and see if there will be Soft Power, dressing in Thai costumes, Wat Chaiwatthanaram. Will you come back again? You’ll have to wait and see the next episode. (Oan is also addicted to this.)

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